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Toughened Glass
Insulation, waterproof, high hardness, effective prevention of scratching.
Controllable Electronic Devices
Controllable appliances include low-power appliances such as light bulbs, fans, televisions, radio, etc.
Touch control
You can control it by touching your fingers, which gives you the experience of traditional switches.
App control
You can control the switch through the mobile app, and feel the convenience of life brought by smart technology.
Voice control
You can control the switch by speaking, such as alexa, turn on the light. It will make your life more convenient.
Timer funtion
You can turn the light fixture or low-power appliance on or off regularly through the timing function. For example, set the sleeping time and turn off all the lights regularly
Group management
You can distribute lights or low-power appliances from multiple rooms into the same group and control the switch at the same time.