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Gledopto insists in the brand strategy. We believe that“Good quality is the onlysustainable condition”.

From retail to business clients, we hold the stand that “Good quality is our responsibility to customers”.

Gledopto system communicates with most zigbee systems from other providers, so you can
easily extend the system with
more different items.

10% of the revenue be invested to the R&D team to ensure the effective and creative
development of new products.

Company Introduction
GLEDOPTO CO.,LTD is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development and production of LED lights, which has two LED business groups.One is Traditional LED Business Group (TLBG) located in Zhongshan since 2005.Our LED lighting products mainly include: LED tubes, LED spotlights, LED bulbs, LED strips indoor and outdoor, LED bars indoor and outdoor, LED modules indoor and outdoor, LED bulb, and so on. Our products have been exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc. Our products have CE certification and RoHs compliance for Europe market.
The other is Smart LED Business Group (SLBG) located in Shenzhen since 2010. Innovation is the aim of our work.. We make our traditional LED products reborn with our new RF remote control technology and rich LED experience. There are four stages for Intelligent LED products.

Stage 1: 433.92Hz RF LED strip controllerMain Features: Touch control, long remote control range

Stage 2: 2.4GHz RF LED controller, CCT LED bulb, RGB LED bulb, Panel light, Flood light, etcMain Features: Excellent synchronization, Variety ,Touch screen control

Stage 3: Smart phone-control LED products. Wifi LED strip controller, WiFi LED bulb, WiFi LED downlights, wallmounted controller etc

Stage 4: Bluetooth RGB+dual white, RGBW, RGB indoor and outdoor seires. Bluetooth LED strip controller, Bluetooth LED bulb, Bluetooth LED garden lamp, flood light, etc

Stage 5: 2.4G/RF RGB+W collection with 8-zone remote control; RGB+CCT collection with 6-zone remote control. Besides, we have a new try on Zigbee light link collection that are compatible with philps hue, Osram and Ikea, etc. We give more options to our customers from a closed circle to a open platform. Will improve and better our user experience.

Main Features: Smart phone-control, remote control through internet, control system