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Model NO.: GL-B-001Z
Power: 4W
Input voltage: AC100~240V
Color temperature:2200~6500K
Luminous Flux: 250~300LM
CRI: >80
High-quality LED chips,Low
fever, high brightness, durable,
use life of 50 thousand hours
or so.
Adopt high-grade PMMA Lens,
transmittance 93%, The light
distribution is more uniform,
no dark spots, effectively
reduce the adverse glare
damage to the eyes.
ZIGBEE transmission technology,
multi signal at the same time to
transmit, receive, anti interfernce ability.
Fireproof material, high temperature
resistance, durable and reliable.
E12/E14 wide voltage design
(100~240V), wide application,
durable, universal.

Dual White And Color
light Bulb
Why Choose
Life is Colourful on LED Bulb.
16 million colors changing
Control your colorful life
16 million colors and saturation change, make the life full of beauty.
Color temperature regulation
Adjust warm white to cool white randomly, adjust the color temperature from 2700-6500K, make the light you want.
Brightness adjustable
Adjust the brightness according to your different using requirements, give the light you want.
Switch many kinds of modes
Contextual mode make many lights atmosphere and give you more fresh feeling
Smart phone APP control
You can control the lights of all the rooms by mobile phone APP, which will make your life more convenient.
Follow these
4 easy steps
If you have a starter kit, screw the bulbs into your existing light fittings and turn on your wall light switches. For other Philips Hue lights, such as Philips Hue lightstrip plus, you only have to plug them in and power them. Simple.
Plug in your bridge and it will automatically power up. Connect it to your Wi-Fi router using the network cable provided. Wait for the three lights to come on and you are good to go.
Download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Connect to the bridge. Find your lights. And there you have it, you've got Philips Hue.
Now that your system is up and running, it's time to get familiar with the possibilities of Philips Hue. Explore the functions of the Philips Hue app or download and try some third party apps and discover new ways to play with light. And when you're ready, you can expand your system to enjoy Philips Hue even more.
Power your light sources
Set up your bridge
Download the your bridge
app and connect to your
Play around and experience
light in ways you had never
Meet the new Hue app
Designed around you, your home and your everyday life. Play around. Explore. Feel the control but let go every once in a while. Quickly and convenietly control your lights with the Philips Hue app.
Create rooms
Quick Control
Daily Routines
Home or away
Wake up
Set the Scene
Widgets + Apple Watch
Control all lights in your
rooms at the same time.
Switch or dim all lights in your
home with one tap or swipe.
Set light schedules to support
your daily routines.
Set the
Scenes that automatically adjust
to the lights in your room.