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Product Parameters
Product name: RGB+CCT Controller Pro Model NO.: GL-C-008P Input Voltage: DC12-24-36-48-54V Size: 23.5x48x89mm Protection rate: IP20 Total Output Current: 5A Max Operating Temperature:-20℃~60℃ Common Anode Constant Voltge
Compatible with ZIGBEE
App control            Voice control            Remote control
Smart phone APP control
Works with Amazon echo plus
Remote Control
(without zigbee hub)
You can control the lights of all the rooms by mobile
phone APP, whicnh will make your life more convernient.
You can adjust on/off, brightness, and change light
colors through voice command, which can free your hands.
You can control the lights directly with a remote control
divide different rooms into different groups.
Base on Zigbee 3.0 protocol. Support control by
Zigbee hub after adding the lamp to its APP
16 million colors changing
16 million colors for you to choose and make
your life colorful.
Brightness adjustable
Choose the right brightness according
to your need.
Fireproof material
high temperature resistance.
color, brightness,color temperature
and saturation can be adjusted.
Compatible gateways for zigbee light link(ZLL)
ZIGBEE transmission technology, MESH, multi signal
at the same to transmit, receive, anti interference
Press type Design
Wiring is more convenient.
Product details