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GLEDOPTO ZIGBEE3.0 Triac AC Dimmer Testing and production have been completed and are now on the shelves. ● Standard ZigBee 3.0 protocol, compatible with universal ZigBee bridge or coordinator ● Wide input&output 100-240Vac, 1xCH, max 400W power loaded ● Multiple controlling ways, APP, Voice, Push Switch, Press Button, 2.4G RF Remote Control ● Strong Mesh feature, good for long distance wireless controlling ● Minimum brightness settable, dimmable from min. to 100% full brightness ● Trailing edge dimming design, anti-interference, soft power on/off, good for long term use of lights ● Max 30pcs ZigBee remoters controllable through touchlink pairing ● ABS flame retardant material shell, safe for application ● Screw terminals design, easy and reliable for connection ● Mini size design, easy for installation into wall switch socket box ● Fit for dimmable LED lights/drivers, incandescent or HV halogen lamps, LV halogen lamps powered by electronic transformer. For more information, please visit AliExpress Store:
Feature of Gledopto ZigBee 3.0 New Garden Light Pro A few days ago, we released a poster to guess the function of the product. Now, we will announce the function of this new product. ● 16 Million Colors ● Tunable 2200~6500K ● Brightness Dimmable ● Waterproof: IP66 ● APP & Voice Control ● RF Remote Control ● AC100-240V high voltage, AC/DC 24V low voltage two versions Not only that, it also has efficient heat dissipation, 25 degree beam angle, 500~550 lumens, etc. We believe that this product won't let you down. AliExpress Store:
Gledopto 5 in 1 LED Strip Controller New Arrival After several months of research and development, we have completed the new product. It has more functions and easily integrates five types of controllers, such as RGBCCT / RGBW / RGB / WWCW / Dimmer. In addition, it has made many upgrades, such as ● Power-on Status Settings, ● Frequency Settings, Support more power supplies, ● Saturation Control, ● DC12-24-36-48-54V, Support multiple voltage light strips, and so on.
Gledopto Remote Control Operation Demo Gledopto Plus/ Pro version light not only works with ZigBee Gateway, but also works with 2.4G RF Remote Control (Without ZigBee Gateway). ● 16 Million Colors. ● Color Temperature Adjustment. ● Brightness Adjustment. ● Group Control. ● 9 Modes. ● Speed Up / Speed Down. ● 60S Delay Off. Multi-Function For you! Suitable for the elderly and children without gateway or mobile phone. Easy to control your smart home lighting. More Information:
What is COB Light Strip? Chips on Board, 420LEDs/M, More uniform lighting, No light spot. Not only that, The chip of cob light strip has faster heat dissipation, lower light decay and longer life. Suitable for Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Stairs, etc. Use COB Light Strip to decorate your home, Feel the charm of COB Light Strip.