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Zigbee 3.0 Mini Ultra Thin LED Controller
RGBCCT / RGBW / WW/CW / Dimmer
Zigbee 3.0 Gateway Compatible
Amazon Echo studio
Frequency settings
DC 5-24V
Suitable for more LED light strips
Frequency Settings
Match more power supplies to reduce noise
16 Million colors changing
Color temperature regulation
Adjust color temperature according to strip light
Brightness adjustable
Choose the right brightness according to your needs
2.4G RF Remote Control
Works with amazon echo plus
product details
Craftsman spirit quality assurance
(*WW/CW、Dimmer Mini LED Controller can't adjust the color)
(*Dimmer Mini LED Controller can't adjust color temperature)
Product Name: Zigbee Mini RGBCCT ULTRA Thin LED Controller  Pro
Model NO.:                                    Output Current:
GL-C- 008P(Mini)                            3A Max

Input Voltage:                                 Total Output Current:
DC5-24V                                          6A Max

Total Power:                                   Operating Temperature:
144W Max                                       -20℃~45℃

Size:                                                 Protection Rate:
70x10x36mm                                   IP20

N.W.:                                                G.W.:
23.5g                                                42.4g
2.4G RF
Remote control
Small and light weight
Press type Design
Wiring is more convenient.
Press and hold for more than 5 seconds to set the power-on status.
Short press once to switch frequency; Short press twice to enter
find and binding; Short press three times to enter touchlink;
Press and hold for more than 5 seconds to rest.
No space, simple installation
APP control
Voice control
Power on status  settings
Press design
Philips HUE
Product Parameters
Detail creation quality
Product Features
Light weight
ultrathin、only 23.5g
Power-on State Setting
Two modes optional
There's always the color you want
Saturation Control Function via 2.4G RF Remote Control
Easy to operate easy to get started
Steps for usage
Scene display
Suitable for various indoor lighting applications