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Model NO.:                              Input Voltage:
GL-C-008WL                            DC 5-24V

IC Quantity:                             Total Output Current:
800 Max                                  10A Max

N.W.:                                       G.W.:
54.8g                                      67.2g

Operating Temperature:         Size:
-20to+45℃                             23.5x48x89mm

Supported Chips:
WS2811, SK6812, SM16703P, WS2812B,etc.
Smart Phone APP control
APP configuration steps
Open the phone settings and enter WiFi settings, find "WLED-AP" and
connect to it with the password
After successful connecion, it will
automatically jump to the WLED
page(or enter the website in
the browser to enter the WLED page).
Click "WIFI SETTINGS", set the WiFi
account and password, and then click
"Save & Connect" at the top of the
screen to save.
Click the "+" in the upper right corner of the
screen, and then click "DISCOVER LIGHTS...".
When the button below displays "Found WLED!",
it means that the WLED controller has been
High compatibility
Compatible with many strip light types
Scene display
Suitable for various indoor lighting applications
Product parameters
Craftsman spirit, quality is guaranteed
Segmented color control
Personalize every strip segment to show different colors
Over 100 special effects
Always there is one that suits you
DIY lighting effct
Lighting effects vary freely, up to 250 user presets
Button function
Easy to operate, easy to master
1. Short press: on/off
2. Long press for 1 second: Switch color
No gateway required, simple operation
APP download method
Suitable for various indoor lighting applications