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Gledopto Matter Gateway
Product parameters
Model NO.: GL-BRG-001M

Power interface: Type-C

Operating temperature: -20℃~45℃

N.W.: 52.7g

Communication protocol: ZigBee 3.0、Matter
Input voltage:

Input current:



A Necessary device for smart life
Convert Zigbee signals to Matter signals
(Works with Gledopto ZigBee series products)
1. Red: Not connected to the LAN. 2. Blue: Connected to the LAN. 3. Green: Connected to the WAN. 4. White light flashing quickly: The gateway is resetting. 5. Colorful changes: Searching for devices. 6. White light flashing 3 times: Devices have been found.
Network configuration process
click the plus icon on the top right corner of the screen.Click on the "Add or Scan Accessories"
After a successful search, select the room where the gateway is placed, click "Continue".
modify the gateway name (optional), and then click "Continue" again.
The system will show that 1 bridge device has been added to the room. Click "Done" to start using the gateway.
align the scanning frame with the QR code of the gateway, and scan successfully.
A prompt for adding accessories will pop up. Tap "Add to Apple Home" .
Enter Homekit and click "..." in the upper right
corner of the screen. Click "Home Settings".
Select the Matter gateway.
click "Open Pairing Mode".
Start searching for devices (search time is 60 seconds). The gateway indicator light will change color. When the device is found, the indicator light will turn white and blink three times, and then continue to change color. The equipment is stored in the default room.
and then click "Home Hub & Bridges"
Adding Zigbee device
Craftsman spirit, quality is guaranteed
Smart gateway is a bridge for smart life
Small in size, light in weight
Voice Control
The gateway and HomePod must be in the same network,        and the network needs to enable IPV6.
Gateway indicator light status
The usage status is clearly seen
More stable signal
Broad coverage and stable connection signal
Simple operation, easy to use
Support for multiple Zigbee devices to operate simultaneously