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1. Short press: On/Off. 2. Long press for 1 second: Switch color. 3. Long press for 10 seconds: Reset the WLED controller and activate the WLED-AP hotspot.
* When the number of ICs is too large, it is necessary to consider whether it will exceed    the rated current of the controller. If the current is too large, the power supply needs    to be increased.
Product parameters
Craftsman spirit, quality is guaranteed
Segmented Color Control
Personalize every strip segment to show different colors
Over 100 special effects
Always there is one that suits you
Lighting effects vary freely, Up to 250 user presets
DIY lighting effect
Microphone Configuration
After resetting, the microphone parameters need to be
configured for the first time, and the device needs to be restarted
Button function
Easy to operate, easy to master
Maximum IC quantity
APP configuration steps
APP download method
Suitable for various indoor lighting applications
Scene display
Suitable for various indoor lighting applications