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GLEDOPTO June Giveaway + Giveaway Winners of May


Hello redditors of r/Gledopto,

To make the community more active and help the community grow we are again working together with u/Gledopto to organize a monthly giveaway! We want people to show us and others the setups they have created, and by doing so get a chance to win a prize. Below you can find the winners of May 2020 and more info on how to participate for the giveaway of next month.

Looking forward to MORE setups!

What can I win?

Every month there will be a total of 3 winners. The first prize will win 3 products, the second prize will win 2 products, and the third prize will win 1 product. The products can be chosen from the following list (mixing is possible):

Furthermore, the best pictures will be shared on the Gledopto Instagram.

How can I participate?

You can participate by uploading a picture(s)/video of your setup to this subreddit and adding the SETUP flair to it and you will automatically participate.

How do I win?

The winners are determined by the amount of upvotes*. In case two people have the same amount of upvotes at the end of the month, the person who entered first will win the prize. At the end of each month the winners will be announced and contacted.

The winners of June will be chosen on July 01, 2021! Good luck!

Winners of May:

The first prize goes to u/DiamondJimD

(Original Post)


(Original Post)


The second prize goes to u/kestralsanmorn (Original Post)


The third prize goes to u/kpmkpm (Original Post)



  • The prizes you would like to receive, see the "What can I win?" above for details of the prizes you can choose from.

* please note that downvoting other people's posts does not improve your chances as the upvote percentage is displayed for each post.